Mini Teen Sex Doll Allison 65cm Small Affordable Sex Doll

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♥Doll Sizes:

Height25.6 in / 65 cm
Bra SizeA cup
Bust12.4 in / 31.5 cm
Waist10.6 in / 27 cm
Hips15.0 in / 38 cm
Shoulder Width6.0 in / 15 cm
Arm Length10.2 in / 26 cm
Leg Length11.4 in / 29 cm
Foot Length3.5 in / 9 cm
Weight7.7 lbs / 3.5 kg
Vaginal Depth4.7 in / 12cm
Oral DepthN/A
Anal DepthN/A
MaterialsTPE with a Metal Skeleton

Do you like having a petite sex doll in your bed? A mini-doll that gives you the pleasure you always wanted!
Petite Sex Doll and Highly Lustful. Affordable and can be easily stored. Cute and Sexiest Body Size
You might have fantasized about the cute mini-sized love dolls but never materialized that dream.

Say Hello to Allison who is ready to change everything! Allison is one of the cutest petite love dolls you will ever see. Men have a variety of sexual desires where some are addicted to huge busty body features while some of us like mini-sized petite sex partners around us who can give an intimate company.

Why Allison?
A love doll who is capable of taking it in, suitable for both oral as well as vaginal sex while looks super cute and small in size. That is a special taste in sex and it comes with so many advantages which are:

Affordable: Mini-sized sex dolls are pretty cheap and affordable in comparison to other life-sized sex dolls. It helps you easily manage a budget and you won’t have to pay large amounts.

Portable: All sex dolls are portable but Allison comes with convenient portability and this gives you an edge when you want to store it as it occupies little space. You will also feel at ease when you wash it as you can simply pick it up and wash it anywhere you want.

Flexibility: She is highly flexible and capable to adapt any position to allow you to have sex in your desired position be it doggy, lotus, or any other position you have ever imagined with all the excitement you want.

Material: These dolls are made of premium quality Silicone or TPE Material that are the ideal choice to maintain shape and are medically approved.

Customization: We care about your preferences and choices so we decided to provide you with customized deals for Hair Style, Eye Color, Skin Tone, Nipple Color, and Nail Color to choose from and bring your fantasies into reality.

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